What is Captcha Code? ↩ How Captcha Works? I Still Can’t Spell It Correctly 😅

Today’s time is full of weird things 😕. My childhood was best. No worries, no tension just used to go to my nearest school and then tuition (where I used to be beaten) and after that, at home, I used to watch Shaktimaan, Pokemon, Digimon and Beyblade that was my life ❤.  In my childhood, there was no use Google, Facebook, Youtube, just nothing, there were only two things me and my cartoons. If you are a 90’s kid, you can understand my feelings and if you are a 20’s kid then sorry to say you missed many platinum things. By the way, today’s topic is what is captcha code and how captcha works? Be with me to know what’s this is.

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss, what is captcha?, what is captcha code? ,How captcha works?, types of captcha, captcha example and many more things going to solve here.

What is Captcha Code? ↩

Buddies, Captcha is a short form of Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart. (I got failed to say it in one breath and you? Write down it somewhere, buddies, it can come in your exams of 2 marks). So, now you might get a little bit idea about it. So, Captcha code is a type of test 🔍 to make a difference between humans and robots or bots. That’s it!

 How Captcha Works? 🙄

So, after knowing what is captcha code its time to know how captcha works? As I said 🗣 above it is a test to judge that who is behind that screen of the computer, it’s a human or any robot. So, how can a Captcha decide that you are a pure human or a robot 🕷? and the answer is the numbers you see on your screen while filling captcha, it is a picture, not letters and in present time robots are too dumb to understand the image and if we talk about highly advance robots then they can understand simple letters like TechMojis not like this one TechMojis.  

Types Of Captcha (Captcha Example) 1⃣2⃣3⃣

There are plenty types of captcha this weird world. As BB Ki Vines videos 🎥 getting better and better day by day Captcha is also getting better, secured and more easy to use day by day. Here are some types of captcha below and b the way I’m neither BB Ki Vines fan nor his subscriber.

The Standard Captcha 👳

We know this. It is simple just we need to enter following words below. This is a picture, buddies that’s why robots can’t detect it. Nothing to say about it.

What is Captcha Code? ↩ How Captcha Works? I Still Can't Spell It Correctly 😅 1

The Picture Captcha 🖼

In these types of captcha, you need to select images. Just a normal one. Robots can’t see the 5th pic as earth but we will select it.

What is Captcha Code? ↩ How Captcha Works? I Still Can't Spell It Correctly 😅 2

The Math Teacher Captcha 😒

This is a very special case. This captcha asks us maths query that time is not far away when it will ask Trigonometry and Calculus questions.

What is Captcha Code? ↩ How Captcha Works? I Still Can't Spell It Correctly 😅 3

The 3D One 😲

It’s something new. I have heard of 3d games, 3d wallpapers, 3d printers and now Captcha is also coming in 3D. As I said above my childhood was better. By the way, what is written in it? I didn’t recognize (Am I a robot) if you did please tell me in the comment section.

What is Captcha Code? ↩ How Captcha Works? I Still Can't Spell It Correctly 😅 4

The Google baba Captcha 🤣

This is something different. We can roughly understand how other types of captcha works expect this one. So, how this captcha works? Actually, buddies, this type of captcha monitor your mouse cursor. If the robot uses a mouse it will work slow and move in form of rectangular. But we Indian can move it faster than the speed of light on Monitor and Google knows it.

What is Captcha Code? ↩ How Captcha Works? I Still Can't Spell It Correctly 😅 5

This captcha is very easy to use and now it’s trend. Which one is your favorite and which you hate? I would love to see your comment in comment box.

 Why Use Captcha? 🤔

Umm… I don’t know exactly but let’s think why websites use captcha below 👇 down:

  • For some security reasons and one of them is a DDOS attack. Hackers usually do it to hack any website or anyone account.
  • For online voting or polls so that any person doesn’t use bots to increase its vote.
  • Preventing Dictionary Attacks, in this type of attack, hackers use bots to create many passwords per seconds to hack anyone account but due to captcha, he needs to enter it every single time so its a time waste for him and he/she never do.

And many more, buddies. Run your brain horses 🏇 and think why use captcha? I’m not going to tell all, after all, I have to go for dinner 😅.

Now, at least smile, guys, a small one will be awesome for us. We spent some time 🕝 for this article. If this article is helpful for you, you can share with your friends so that they can also read this article in future when they need it and believe me helping our loved friend is one of the best feeling in world. You are lucky if your childhood friend is still your friend like me. You already have met him.

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