Bottlenecking: What is Bottlenecking CPU? Let’s Understand it! 🕵

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Before We Go 🚶 For (Bottlenecking)

This topic is quite complex so I’ll make you understand with an example. Best of luck for both of us. Imagine you are in exam, in that exam you have 50 questions to solve in 50 minutes that means if you have to cover all question then you need to solve 1 question in 1 minute, if you take 1 minute 30 seconds to solve one question because you write slow and think fast or think slow and write fast then, at last, you will leave some question unsolved as a result you will score (less than your best friend) 😅. This is called bottlenecking. If you could write fast and think fast too then you will cover all 50 questions. Giving not our 100% in any situation and receiving unsatisfied output called bottlenecking. Understood!? If not let’s discuss bottlenecking in PC or computer language.

What is Bottlenecking? 🙄

Now imagine again. You are playing your favorite game (a high-end graphics game 🎮 like GTA V or PUBG) in your decent pc (that have 16GB RAM but Intel i3 processor) 16GB RAM is good it will transfer your data at a very high speed but i3 processor will create bottlenecking because it is not sufficient for this task, it can’t process your game data at that speed for a seamless experience as a result your game will start lagging. If you replace your i3 processor with i9 processor then your game will run very smoothly without lagging. I hope you understand what is bottlenecking now.

Bottlenecking CPU 🖥

CPU is brain of our computer it has RAM, GPU, Memory card and all other parts to perform our task so if any computer part is slow and not giving it 100% as I said in above paragraph then we can say it bottlenecking CPU and Bottlenecking is not only happened in CPU, it can happen even in your monitor, in keyboard, in mouse even in your daily life.

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