What Is 1G 2G 3G 4G Technology 🗼, Mobile Network EDGE Explained, GSM Vs CDMA

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So, basically, today in this article 🗒 we will discuss, what is 1G 2G 3G 4G technology, mobile network egde, gsm CDMA HSPA full form, TechMojis will try to make you understand what is the difference between GSM, CDMA, HSPA, EDGE, gsm vs cdma, gprs vs edge and rest of other networks. The shortest thing you have to do is….nothing!

What is 1G 2G 3G 4G Technology 🗼, Mobile Network EDGE Explained, GSM Vs CDMA

So, let’s start our journey ✈ to know about different type of mobile network edge without wasting a single second of yours.

Mobile Network Ft. What Is 1G Network Technology 🤙

So, what is 1G network! Let’s see in past, remember our 80’s Bollywood villains & Police used to use big phones to give orders to his gang to kill our hero? Those phones were running on 1G. 1G is basically an analog technology which is just capable to make voice calls and nothing else. 1G was widely used in the 1980s to make calls. 1G is also the 1 Generation of wireless and mobile communication. If I have to describe 1G network in one line then it would 1G is used to just make calls. The maximum speed of the 1G network is 2.4 kbps 🌏.

1G Network Advantage

  • You could actually make calls and talk to another person. It was a miracle in the 1980s.

1G Network Disadvantage

  • Except calling you couldn’t do anything else with 1G technology.
  • 1G network didn’t support roaming calls
  • Brick phones that were actually a size of bricks.

Mobile Network Ft. What Is 2G Network Technology 🤙 📧

Things upgrade so 1G network upgraded too in 2G network. Let’s figure out what is 2G network! 2G network is the second generation in the mobile network. 1G was an analog technology used to run on Analog signals but 2G is a digital technology that runs on digital signals. 2G was launched around 1991 in Finland. Our parents could do call, text, send MMS and Picture Message through the internet. If I have to describe 2G network in one line then it would 2G is used to make calls, send SMS, access Internet to send MMS, Picture message in low quantity and quality by our parents because at that time we were too young who used to play with Marbles and Lattoo with friends 👥.  The maximum speed of the 2G network is 50 kbps or 1 Mbps.

2G Network Advantage

  • You could send SMS, access the internet to send MMS or picture message along with calls with roaming support.
  • Your calls and SMS was not encrypted (secure).

2G Network Disadvantage

  • But you couldn’t do roaming calls seamlessly like nowadays you do. If your mobile network type is different (like one has GSM and anther has CDMA) then you couldn’t connect your calls.
  • The 2G technology wasn’t for villages at that time because it used to require a powerful digital signal for work
  • 2G was slow and expensive, I still remember it used to cost 2 rupees per minute, even Telephone Booth used to charge same and in 1900, it was a profitable business. Imagine Jio in that time. It would be a miracle, wouldn’t it 😅?

Mobile Network Ft. What Is 2.5G & 2.75G (GPRS & EDGE) Network Technology 🤙 📧 🌏

In 2.5G and 2.75G, we could actually access the “real internet” as we could now search on the Google. 2.5G was “GPRS” technology and 2.75 was “EDGE” technology. We will learn more about what is the difference between GPRS and EDGE (GPRS vs EDGE).

Every app has a beta version to access features before it releases for all users so we can consider 2.5G as a beta version to access the internet which implemented for all users in 2.75G.

Mobile Network Ft. What Is 3G Network Technology 🚶

You may know about the 3G network like it was launched in 1998, it was faster than 2G or (2.5 G or 2.75 G network). The 3G network has many advantages like data could transfer much faster, you could do video calling now, can access the internet much faster.

Like 2G networks, 3G also upgraded into 3.5G and 3.65G before jumping to 4G. Remember HSPA and HSPA + sign on your mobile phone while using the internet in 3G? those were 3.5 G & 3.75 G. They provide us more high-speed internet, strong signal and other features that were absent in 3G. The maximum speed of 3G is 21.6 Mbps.

3G Network Advantage

  • Higher internet speed than 2G.
  • Comes with video calls features
  • Stream online content seamlessly
  • Better in all way as compared to 2G network

3G Network Disadvantage

  • Not enough speed to see online HD content.
  • Expensive as compared to 2G

Mobile Network Ft. What Is 4G Network Technology 🏃

The fourth generation in mobile network world is 4G. 4G was released in 2008. We all know what a 4G network is. No need to explain it. We still remember that Airtel 4G girl used to make us fool “download a movie in 30 minutes”, “prove us slower and get your bills lifetime free” and bla bla bla 😒…By the way, with help of 4G, we can now browse the internet faster, can enjoy HD streaming services like Netflix and can play online video games. The maximum speed of 4G is 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps.

4G Network Advantage

  • Better than a 3G network in every aspect.

4G Network Disadvantage

  • Still not getting true 4G speed.

Mobile Network Ft. What Is 5G Network Technology ✈

Click on the link to know the brief about the 5G network. What Is 5G Network


We all must have used GPRS and EDGE in our earlier life. I used to see ‘E’ on my phone but what does it mean, we will find out today. Let’s know about it.

GPRS full form General Packet Radio Service EDGE full form Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution
GPRS is a mobile data service. EDGE is a digital mobile phone technology.
GPRS is used to transmit data at 60kbps EDGE is used to transmit data at 473kbps
It consumes less battery during internet access. It is an advanced version of GPRS

So, EDGE is better than GPRS.


Remember when Tata Docomo, Reliance, and other telecom companies used to provide 2 different sims, one was GSM and another was CDMA. Let’s see what’s the actual difference between GSM and CDMA.

GSM full form is Global System for Mobiles CDMA full form is Code Division Multiple Access
Majority of mobile users use GSM service because you can easily swap the network without changing your phone. If you are a CDMA user then you need a specific mobile and specific sim card.
GSM network is faster than CDMA network, its speed up to 42 Mbps CDMA network is slower than GSM network, its speed is up to 3.6 Mbps
GSM evolved faster than CDMA. GSM is HSPA technology. CDMA was a powerful and flexible technology.  3G GSM is CDMA technology this is why you see W-CDMA option when you search for network.
GSM network is a time division system that means it works with time. When you call anyone, it breaks into a digital signal with a time slot and channel so when multiple calls happen in one line, receiver listen your signal with that time slot CDMA network is code division system, each call is encoded into a digital signal with a unique key, a receiver uses a unique key to decode your signal.

I hope you get a basic idea of GSM vs CDMA.

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