(Vodafone VoLTE India): Let’s Play 🏌 VoLTE-VoLTE

Boom! This is what we are waiting for! Neither I nor you (maybe) but few of Vodafone users might be waiting for Vodafone VoLTE feature ⚙. What is this and how it works, let’s figure out below. The only thing you need to do is just scroll down your this page through your fingers if you are reading this on your mobile or tablet or scroll down with the help of your mouse.

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss Vodafone volte, Vodafone volte features, Vodafone volte launch date and Vodafone volte India.

(Vodafone VoLTE) India 🗼

Few moment ago Vodafone just launched its brand new service called Vodafone Volte in India. Vodafone VoLTE feature is same as Airtel VoLTE and Jio VoLTE feature. Actually, according to VoLTE feature, you can call and talk to another person on mobile with the help of your data. Didn’t understand? See if you are having VoLTE feature in your network then you don’t need to make a recharge for your talk time simply make a recharge of data 🌏 and talk to anyone, isn’t it cheap 😃?

Vodafone VoLTE Features

Having a Vodafone VoLTE feature in your Vodafone network is really awesome 😲 because it has some really good features, few are given below:

  • Better HD voice quality calling
  • No need to make a separate recharge for calling
  • It’s free
  • and I don’t know more about it 😅

Vodafone VoLTE Launch 🚀

Jio was first to launch VoLTE feature in India on around September 2016 after that Airtel launched its VoLTE feature in September 2017 so how can Vodafone be behind from it. Vodafone also launched its Vodafone VoLTE feature yesterday or Today (I’m not sure) but they launched in this week 😅.

Vodafone VoLTE Gujarat

Airtel launched its volte feature in Mumbai first and now they have launched their service in many state of India except Gurgaon. Like Airtel, Vodafone launched VoLTE feature in Gujarat first. Gujarat is lucky.

How To Get Vodafone VoLTE Feature?

If you live in Gujarat and having a Vodafone 4G sim then you can use Vodafone VoLTE feature. Just wait for some time, you will get this feature in your mobile 📱.

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