Vodafone Unlimited Data Internet, Calls, SMS Packs Offer Plans (Rs 445 352) MAR | 2019

How many of you guys remember 🤔that cute Vodafone Dog 🐕? and how many of you guys know that Vodafone was first known as “Hutch”! Hell Yeah, now raise your hand 🙋 if you know that! If you remember that dog 🐕 and Hutch then your childhood 👶 was awesome like mine. Um..Vodafone also was known as “Voda” as the short form. Hey, buddies, have you heard about Vodafone Student Offer that Vodafone launched only for students to give a tight competition to its competitors especially to Jio.

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So today we will know more about Vodafone student offer plan. Be connected with me to know everything about Vodafone student offer 🎁.

What Is Vodafone Student 🎓 Offer Plan?

Vodafone telecom company played a different move to attract its existing users 👥 and other users of other telecom company. Vodafone launched a new plan whose name is Vodafone Campus Survival Kit 445 (sounds like the military).

According to this Vodafone student offer if you make a recharge for this offer then you will get 1 GB per day data 🌏, Unlimited calls 📞 and SMS for 84 days. Vodafone launched this offer in Delhi NCR but it will soon expand it all over India to give a tough a very tough competition to Jio and rest of telecom company.

How Much Is Vodafone Unlimited Data Offer Plan 🎁Offering?

Now let’s see how much Vodafone student offer plan is really offering to its student offer to give a tight competition to Jio or other telecom company 🏭. Vodafone student customer needs to recharge of Rs. 445 to get 1 GB per day, 300 minutes per day voice call with SMS ✉️ for 84 days and after 84 days if you want to continue Vodafone student offer ahead then you need to make a recharge of Rs. 352 to keep enjoying this offer.

Vodafone Student Offer Plan Details
Vodafone student offer plan price Rs. FRC 445 and after that Rs. 352 per month
Data you will get 1 GB per day
Voice and SMS service 300 minutes per day and SMS will be unlimited
Validity 84 days

How to 🤔 Get Vodafone Unlimited Data Offer Plan?

Vodafone telecom company have just launched this amazing offer for school or college going students only in Delhi NCR but soon it will try to launch all over India. If you are a student and you want this offer then the only thing you need to carry with you is your student ID card 💳, it may be of school or college both are applicable for this offer.

After getting approved for this cool offer you have to recharge of Rs. 445 once to get 1 GB per day data and 30o minutes per day and after one month if you feel that it’s the better to plan than other networks 🗼 then from next month you only have to pay Rs. 352 per month to continue this Vodafone student offer plan ahead.

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