Tata Docomo Is Shutting Down 🤕: Everything You Should Know MAR | 2019

Finally, we got the first victim 🤕 in networking area who is shutting the shutter of its shop permanently and the one and only reason behind it is none other than Jio sir. Understood? No? Okay, let me come to the straight point. Tata Docomo is shutting down for permanently. Yes, you read it right, want to know more about it, TechMojis is a perfect place for it.

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Tata Docomo News (Shutting Down  ☠)

I have seriously a bad news for all of my Tata Docomo users, I got some flying news 🗞 that Tata Docomo is shutting its services for permanently. Tata Docomo can shut down their mobile services at the end of this year. Now, its October, so within 2 or 3 months tata docomo is going to die.

Tata Docomo Shutting Down Reason 🤔

Tata docomo is a part of our life since 2008 (9 years) and suddenly we are hearing that it is shutting down permanently. So, what’s the real reason behind it? Who is behind it? What made Tata docomo to shut down their business? Guys, the answer to these 3 question is that Docomo was facing losses since 2013 and after the launch of JIO it get some boost. Actually, since when Jio has been launched 🚀, rest of networking companies have come in trouble, they are losing their customers and Tata Docomo is one of them. (If you think that I’m in favor of Tata docomo and against Jio, then my friends please don’t think this, I’m just trying to tell what’s happening in Tech world that exist on Earth and today I made a recharge of Rs. 509 for 2 GB per day for 56 days in Jio).

Jio Effect 😯

Let’s see the reason that made tata docomo to shut down its shutter for forever.

  • After launching of Jio, every telecom company started losing their customers including Tata docomo, the main difference is they have customers in millions but docomo hasn’t.
  • They are paying the same amount of money in spreading spectrum but continuously failing to earn revenue that’s why they are still giving 3G services ⚙.
  • They had 42.09 million users in July month that is continuously decreasing.
  • They had a loss of 4, 617 crores in this financial year.

Tata Docomo Shutting Down, 5000 Employees To Lose Their Jobs

Tata docomo is shutting down as all we know that but the question arises what about tata docomo employees? Sources are saying that if Tata docomo closes then it will affect more than 5101 employees (as per annual report) of Tata docomo. There is a danger of losing their jobs. Kris Lakshmikanth (chairman of search firm Headhunters India) told that we are giving a time till 31st March to their employees that if they want to leave now, they can, we will give salary for the remaining months of this financial year.

Tata Docomo Shutting Down Solution ✅

Now, what to do if you are a Tata docomo user, don’t worry friends, I have a solution for it. See mainly you might be using its number and its broadband service. So the best solution of it is Porting. Yes, simply port your number to another telecom companies 🏭 like Aitel, Vodafone, Jio, Idea, BSNL or others. But personally saying as being your friend, give a try to Jio, they are still cheapest 4G network in India.

Airtel Will Buy Tata Docomo

Finally, a relief 😌 come to all Tata Docomo users, Airtel is going to buy Tata Docomo teleservices, if Airtel buys Tata Docomo then it will add 30 million customers to its team. Now it would be interesting to see:

  • Would our balance be deducted or not
  • What about numbers
  • or many more things
  • As I will get something more about it, I’ll update it here.

Now a smile is a must on Tata Docomo users.

Simply choose next best telecom company and get information on how you can port in or our from it. All the best.

R.I.P Tata Docomo ❤️

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