How to Remove 🚫 Shortcut Virus 😈 Permanently From (PC 🖥, Pendrive, Hardrive) MAR | 2019

Nowadays we all have cool gadgets like PC,💻 Laptops, Pendrives. We all use that to transfer data from one place to another place daily in our life. We also download files from 📁 the Internet so it’s common get affected by few viruses, few of them are less harmful and few of them are more harmful but Virus is Virus we can’t ignore them. Viruses can easily affect our system and harm our data. That’s why today my post is focused on to remove shortcut viruses easily and permanently from your PC, Laptops, Pendrives or Hardrive. Just stay with this post to know how it works.

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What is a Virus 😈?

In a simple language, A virus is an unwanted computer program of few bits in space that harm our personal data or even it can create trouble like lagging, slow performance, Windows corruption for our PC,💻 Laptops etc.

Types of Shortcut Virus:

There are two of shortcut virus which can create a massive problem for your digital devices if they won’t make delete from your device. I’ll also give a little more information about these 2 viruses.

• Flash Drive Shortcut Virus
• File and Folder Shortcut Virus

Flash Drive Shortcut Virus

Flash Drive Shortcut Virus is also known as Trojan virus, you can easily find that virus almost in all of the pen drives and sometimes they may be hidden and cause a problem for your PC 💻 too. Once if it executes with its power then that virus can send your personal or professional information to the hackers. So, we should know how to remove this Shortcut Virus first.

File and Folder Shortcut Virus

File and Folder Shortcut virus are also a very harmful type of virus. Their main job is to create a shortcut of files and folders inside a folder. So, I will recommend you to have an antivirus or if you already having it then update your antivirus to be safe and when you insert a pen drive make sure to scan it with your antivirus. When you open that virus in that pen drive then it will automatically execute itself and make their child on your PC.💻

Things to Keep in Mind to Avoid Shortcut Virus

Sometimes this virus is not detected by our antivirus and easily spread their web in our system, that’s why I’m telling you some important thing to avoid Shortcut Virus to enter on your PC.💻

  • Don’t run or open any Flash Drive from the autorun and from My Computer.
  • You can open that pen drive by right clicking it, then click on explore.
  • You can type the address in the address bar to open that flash drive.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Device Permanently 2017

Method 1: By Using Virus Removal Tools

In this method, I will tell you how can you remove shortcut virus from your device permanently by just downloading this software. Follow my instructions carefully to implement it successfully. Be focus its quite need a brain to understand it.😅

  • First download Shortcut Virus Remover tool: Download Now
  • Extract it using Winrar or you can use any other software.
  • Then Run Trojorm Removal Tool you should run it on your flash drive.
  • After the scan complete, press enter.
  •  Now, copy shortcut virus fix folder, paste that in your flash drive.
  •  Open it with notepad then search cDrive = “H:” and change it to according to your flash drive address.
  • Then save it.
  • Now, open VBS file or you can open it with windows based script host.
  • That’s it guys, now enjoy your files sharing📁 without being worried.

What to Do If It Show “Access is Denied”

This trick will work 100% at the first time and will delete shortcut virus permanently at first attempt but what if it does show “Access is Denied” option on the screen of your PC. This happens because a sometimes virus is more dangerous, this problem occurs mainly on Hardrives. Don’t panic I have a solution for that:

What is the solution:

  • In this method, you have to make sure that you used to change the letter according to your flash drive, if you did something wrong then it may cause a problem for your system.
  • Download RKill and start it. This will stop every malicious process which is going on your PC including shortcut virus.
  • Download RougueKiller and start it as well. To remove more variants of Trojans.
  • Download Malwarebytes and scan it.

Method 2: By Using Command Prompt (CMD)

In this method, I will tell you how can you remove shortcut virus from your device permanently by just using command prompt application of your computer. Follow my instructions carefully to implement it successfully. Be focus its quite need a brain to understand it.😅

  • Click on Start option.
  • Then click on Run and type CMD there and then hit enter.
  • Now, type the flash drive address e.g. f:, or h: and hit enter
  • Then type this in command attrib f:\*.* /d /s –h –r –s
  • Make sure that change f: with your flash drive letter.

How To Stop Shortcut Virus to Come Back 🔙 in My Device

So now we have successfully deleted shortcut virus permanently from our PC,💻 Laptops, Hardrive, Pen drive etc. But next what? What if they attacked again that’s why here is my next magic.

Download HFV on your PC,💻 Laptops or you can download any best antivirus for your device. I’ll recommend you to have Avira Antivirus for your loved one device. I’m using this antivirus since almost 8 years and I really feel protective. Try it guys. 😉

TechMojis Words 💬:

So guys, I successfully made a post on “Remove 🚫 Shortcut Virus 😈 Permanently From (PC 🖥, Pendrive, Hardrive)”. I have first searched 🔎 on the web about it and finally, the result is front of yours. I don’t think 🤔 you will face any problem regarding this post while understanding or implementing BUT if you are facing any problem regarding this post just feel free to comment in comment box 📮. I’ll be back to you as soon as possible with working and satisfying answer. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

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