Mobile Number Portability (MNP): Port Any Network In Any Network

If you are facing problem in your network like you can’t talk to anyone over call, you are not receiving good signal in your area or your network is quite costly and you want to port your network in another network then welcome to our article, here we will share you the method on how you can do Airtel port, Idea port, Jio port, Reliance port. Be with us to know how to do it.

Mobile Number Portability? (Airtel Port, Jio Port) 🤔

You can change your current network in any network.

Mobile Number Portability T&C

  • You can also port your current number from prepaid connection to postpaid connection
  • If you want to port to another network, first you have complete 90 days in the current network from the day of activation of your mobile number.
  • You can also port your current service provider to any other city in India
  • You have to give Rs. 19 for this process
  • Port process takes 7 days for implement
  • If you are a POSTPAID user 👤 than pleases fill your due bill before applying for the port.
  • You can port to any network you want

Important Documents Needed For MNP 📃

  • First of all a passport size photograph 🖼 of yours.
  • An ID proof like Aadhar Card or DL (Driving License) that shows your address.
  • Maybe you need to fill Mobile Number Portability from
  • You should also have your current mobile number, operator name, and UPC (Unique Port Code) code, it is of 8 digits

Mobile Number Portability (MNP): Port Any Network In Any Network

Send a message

SMS PORT <your current mobile number> to 1900

Mobile Number Portability By Call 📞 Method:

You can also port your mobile number by calling to customer care, just note down the number and call to port

How to Port in or out by Call  method:

  • First of all, open your dialer app in mobile phone and dial a number
  • After receiving UPC (Unique Port Code) code it is 8 digits, save it.
  • Visit your nearest store to which you have to go before expiring time of the code
  • Now talk to Customer care of the store and follow the simple steps what he says to you
  •  After filling the form give your id’s photocopy as proof
  • Get your new SIM (Subscriber Identity Module)
  • And your new SIM will be activated under in 1 week between 12 midnight to 5 am
  • And if you are a POSTPAID user then you have to carry your last paid bill with you for port.

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