Payumoney News 🗞: Payumoney Shutting Down Latest News, Payumoney App

I didn’t know that there is something like Payumoney exist in the digital world 🌏. But when I got a message from Dhruv that Payumoney is shutting down then I started searching latest Payumoney news on the internet to know what is the whole matter and guess what finally I came to know that Payumoney is a digital wallet like Paytm and Mobikwik and it is shutting down this month. Congratulations Paytm! now your way to success got easier 😉.

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So, basically, today in this article 📃, we will discuss latest payumoney latest news, payumoney shutting down news and many more stuff that can make your day or destroy your whole day.

Payumoney Latest News 🗞

Good news for Payumoney wallet users now you can uninstall the payumoney app from your phones to free up some space for another app because according to latest payumoney news, payumoney is shutting down its services till 31st January 2018.

Payumoney Shutting Down 😐

As I said Payumoney shutting down its services. That’s all I know. So, if you are a payumoney user and have some money in the payumoney wallet then transfer it back to your bank account 🏦 as soon as possible.

What’s Next After Payumoney Shut Down 🤔

Jitendra Gupta, MD of Payu is saying that they will launch a new service like Payumoney soon so that you can access all websites and apps with your saved card for payments.

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