(Review) How is Moveit App for Transferring Files to SD Card

Moveit app sounds like Shareit app but their purpose of doing work is totally different. Where Shareit share files to another device, Moveit app share all your important files to SD card or vice versa. Looking good? It is good. let’s figure it about Moveit below.

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Now let’s do postpartum of this app and see what are its features, pros and cons but before going about them lets know little about this app.

What’s Moveit App?

(Review) How is Moveit App for Transferring Files to SD Card 1

Actually Moveit is an android app that is freely available on PlayStore for android devices, its function is to transfer your important files and folder to SD card if your internal storage get full or to transfer your important files and folder to internal storage if your SD card get full. Looks quite impressive.

Why Should We Download Moveit App?

Now the question arises why should we download this app in our android mobile phone. Imagine if your mobile phone storage internal or external get full so what will you do? first you will delete unnecessary files and folders and after that you will start moving all files and folders from one place to another place by tapping again and again which is really time-consuming and we have other works to finish rather than wasting on it, so if you want to save your time then simply use this app and get relax.

But What About Moveit App Features Dude?

Now I’ll tell you about its features that make this app stand alone from the rest of others in this market. Let’s have a look:

  • Moveit app transfers medias altogether to SD card.
  • It transfers medias altogether to internal storage.
  • It has also an inbuilt cleaner to clean junk to boost speed and also increase storage.
  • Auto transfer help’s transfer media to SD card automatically.
  • Moveit app also has an internal and external storage media scanner.
  • You can also search internal and external storage using Moveit app.

Specifications of Moveit App:

Number’ Game Details
Downloads 10,000 to 50,000
Required Android Version Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above
Download size 3.33 MB
Offered by Moveit
In-app purchases Rs. 50.00 per item
Ads Yes

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