Mi Pad 5 Release Date, Price, Specifications Leaks CONFIRMED

According to our secret agent, Xiaomi is currently working on a new smartphone named as Mi Pad 5. They are so busy making of this smartphone that they didn’t notice some Mi Pad 5 specification has been leaked like Mi Pad 5 release date or Mi Pad 5 price leaks. Be with TechMojis to know some Mi Pad 5 leaks.

Mi Pad 5 Release Date, Price, Specifications Leaks

Mi Pad 5 Release Date Leaked

According to few Mi Pad 5 leaks, Flipkart is planning to release Mi Pad 5 in the last half of 2019 that means it might launch around September October of 2019. Can’t wait to see what it got.

Mi Pad 5 Leaked Picture

This is how Mi Pad 5 may look like. As we can see there is no notch on the pad and it look like apple ipad.

xiaomi mi pad 5

Mi Pad 5 Specifications Leaked

There is not much information regarding Mi Pad 5 specification leaked but as we get info about it, we will update it here quickly.

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