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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss Jio coin, jio coin price, jio token, jio cryptocurrency, jio digital currency, jio coin launch date and much more.

Jio Token (Jio Coin) or Jio Cryptocurrency !?

A very hot jio news is flying around the world that Jio is planning its own cryptocurrency who may be called jio coin or jio cryptocurrency, want to know more? Just keep reading this amazing article.

Cryptocurrency? (Ft. Jio Coin) 💹

For those who have not any idea what jio is cooking or what is jio coin or what is cryptocurrency? For those friends, I want to explain what is cryptocurrency? So, friends, cryptocurrency is a digital money or currency or asset (almost like our currency) for transactions purposes but the only difference is that cryptocurrency is decentralized that means you can’t control its growth that’s why investing in it is very risky 😨. Cryptocurrency stores digitally for transactions. I hope you got an idea what is cryptocurrency now. There are many cryptocurrencies in the world the most famous is Bitcoin. The same thing Jio is planning. Jio is thinking to launch its own cryptocurrency that may call Jio coin. Let see what’s its future.

Jio Planning For Jio Cryptocurrency

I got news from my detectives regarding jio coin is that India’s richest person’s elder son Akash Ambani will lead jio coin project with 50 members of young professionals for this project including blockchain process.

Jio Cryptocurrency Launch Date 📅

No idea, guys. I’ll tell you whenever I’ll get jio coin launch date, till then enjoy your life and wait for Avengers Infinity war like me.

Jio Coin Price? 😕

It’s not officially confirmed but many peoples are eager to know what would be jio coin price? To all of them, I want to say, Guys, it is not officially confirmed to please keep some patience 😌 and be with TechMojis because whenever I will get jio coin price I’ll update it here and be aware from fraud websites.

Jio Token?

Actually, jio token is a totally different thing if we compare to jio coin, we can understand jio token is a cryptocurrency that was issued on the NXT blockchain. Jio token is used for flights, hotels and other services offered within the members Area of TamTam Travels.

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