Jio Laptop Price in India: Please Forgive 🙏 Other Companies Now

First, let me laugh hard for 2 minutes so that my stomach starts hurting 🤣… let me make 2 minutes of silence for the future of all low range laptops. Um…what is the name of that guy who is giving such ideas to Mr. Mukesh Ambani, I wish I could meet him so that we (me and him) start our own company and I’ll name it Pio. Did you hear that Jio is bringing Jio laptop soon? It’s secret so be quiet 🤫 and move silently to let know about jio laptop price in India. sssshhhhhh!!!

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss jio laptop, jio laptop price, jio laptop price in India, jio laptop launch date in India, Jio laptop specs, Jio laptop online booking, jio laptop news and much more things so come silently with me.

Jio Laptop 💻

I wish I could catch that person who is spreading such myths news like jio dish tv, jio broadband, jio taxi, jio coin so that I could kick a heavy punch on his face exactly same just like Mad Titan Thanos punched on Iron face on Avengers Infinity war trailer 🎥. By the way, there is a myth again that jio is planning to launch its laptop soon.

Jio Laptop Price In India 💰

There is a myth about jio laptop that jio can start its own laptop series and there is a myth too that jio laptop price in India can be around Rs. 5000. Rs. 5000? Really? In present time its hard to get a phone with ordinary features and Jio laptop price in India can be Rs. 5000! 😕 Let see what happen in future.

Jio Laptop Launch Date In India 🚀

I really don’t think Jio will launch jio laptop in India in next few years but can’t say about future, If Mr. Modi can declare demonetization in one moment they can’t say about Mr. Ambani. He can announce jio laptop launch date in India anytime. Big people big mindset 😅. By the way, rumors are jio laptop launch date would be around March 2018.

Jio Laptop Specifications ⚙

If you are eager to know jio laptop specifications like me then welcome to this part of this amazing article on Jio laptop, let see some myth jio laptop specifications below:

 Jio Laptop Specifications  Jio Laptop Specs Number
 Jio Laptop Display  13.3 inches
 Jio Laptop Resolution  Full HD (1920 x 1080) pixel
 Jio Laptop Storage  128 GB of SSD storage and 64 GB of eMMC storage
 Jio Laptop Camera  Might be of HD quality
 Jio Laptop Operating System  Mac OS (just kidding, guys) Jio laptop might run on Widows 10
 Jio Laptop CPU  4GB of RAM with Intel quad core processor
 Jio Laptop Body  2.2 mm of thickness and 2 kg of weight
 Jio Laptop Others Specs  Bluetooth, USB 3.0 port, Micro HDMI port, Micro SD card slot

Jio Laptop Online Booking 📝

Jio launched its jio phone on its official website and now jio sim is also available on jio official website so my brain horses are saying jio might think of its official website for jio laptop online booking rather than going to Amazon or Flipkart or it can also happen that a few months later jio laptop will be available on Amazon and Flipkart as I said Big person big mindset.

Jio Laptop News? 🗞 Should You Apply?

I deeply request you, guys that please don’t apply for jio laptop online booking on any website if they are saying that jio laptop online booking has been started. They are scammers 🕵. So, how would you know when or where Jio will launch its jio laptop? Guys, if jio did this, It would be on every news channel, newspaper and our Technical guruji will also make a video on it. So, be calm.

Now, at least smile, guys, a small one will be awesome for us. We spent some time 🕝 for this article. If this article is helpful for you, you can share with your friends so that they can also read this article in future when they need it and believe me helping our loved friend is one of the best feeling in world. You are lucky if your childhood friend is still your friend like me. You already have met him.

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