Jio Gigafiber Launch Date, Price, Router, Plans 🤗: Jio New Weapon

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute! 🖐 What? Jio is bringing Jio jio gigafiber for us. 2 minutes of silence for those who were thinking that Jio won’t survive if it tries to charge money for its services 😂. That’s called a businessman mind, the only thing I want to say “Salute sir”. This is the reason he is a business tycoon and India’s richest person.

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So, basically, today in this article 🗒 we will discuss jio gigafiber, jio gigafiber launch date, jio gigafiber price, jio gigafiber plans, jio gigafiber router, jio gigafiber registration and much more things are going to clear today.

Jio Gigafiber? 🛰

I have a verrrrrrrrrrry good news for you, my friends. If you are using an expensive broadband connection, time to say bye to them because jio is finally bringing its jio fiber broadband connection or jio gigafiber this year. So, time to make a call to your broadband customer care and say them “hey, buddy, please take off your connection, I got Jio gigafiber router in my house/office”

Jio Gigafiber Launch Date 📆

If you are curious to know jio gigafiber launch date so that you can get rid of your expensive broadband connection then I would love to tell you that jio gigafiber is launching on this Independence day, you guessed right, jio gigafiber launch date 🚀 is 15 August 2018. Ooooooohhhhoooooo!!!

Jio Gigafiber Plans 📝

Nothing is free in this world nowadays even pure Air comes with a good price tag so how can jio give its jio gigafiber connection free of cost this is why jio introduced jio gigafiber plans for us. Want to know more about jio gigafiber plans, be with TechMojis.

  • Remembered free jio sim card scenario where you used to stand in queue for hours just for unlimited 4G data, unlimited calling and unlimited access to all jio app? Jio is planning something like that with Jio gigafiber router.
  • When you register for jio gigafiber connection, you will get unlimited data 🌏 with other benefits till official announcement of jio gigagifer.
  • Once jio officially launches jio gigafiber connection, then they will announce jio gigafiber plans too till then be ready to enjoy it free of cost.

Jio Gigafiber Registration 😕

After knowing jio gigafiber launch date and jio gigafiber plans, you must be curious to know how you can apply for jio gigafiber registration if you want to know, then this section belongs to you, my friends.

  • The only thing you have to do for jio gigafiber registration is, go to my jio app or jio official website “” and register your gigafiber connection.
  • Jio will start rolling out its jio gigafiber router with a connection from November month, so what are you waiting for? just open the app or website now but…but…but… ✋
  • after reading this whole article because I have more things to share with you regarding jio gigafiber.
  • You have also need to pay Rs. 4500 money to jio as a security deposit, if you are a broadband user then you must be aware regarding security deposit.

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