Jio 149 Plan Offers (Call, Data Internet Recharge) 🤙, New: Everything You Need to Know MAR | 2019

Hahahaha!!! Sorry friends 🙏, but I can’t stop laughing after reading this. Jio revealed its new plans for Jio call. Want to know, what is cooking Jio? Stay tuned with me to know about new Jio plans for Jio call.

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So basically today I’m going to tell you about new plans of jio regarding its call feature 📞.

Jio Call New 149 Plan 📃

Actually, friends, Jio secretly (why secretly? I’ll tell you later) announced that Jio unlimited calls are no more! Yes, you read it right. Now you can’t say that jio provide you unlimited calling facility. Jio has put a FUP ⚠ (Fair usage policy). Now you can only talk 300 minutes a day.

Jio Fup ⚠ New Plan

Jio announced a new voice plan for its customers so if you use its calling features a lot then you must read 📖 this segment. According to new plans now if you will get 300 minutes jio call per day, 1200 minutes jio call per week, 3000 minutes jio call per month. Or if you dial 100 number per week then this fup will apply.

Jio Calls New Plan Jio FUP Validity
Now you will get 300 minutes 1 day
1200 minutes 7 days (1 week)
3000 minutes per month

Jio 149 Plan 📃

I know for some users it might be a bad news but don’t worry guys TechMojis can’t see their friends sad that’s why it is bringing a good news too regarding jio 🤗. I hope it will give you a relief after reading this plan. Jio also did some changes for one of its plans. You might be heard 👂🏻 about Jio Rs 149 plans, so, in that plan data is unlimited. Yes, you read it right, first according to that plan you were able to use 2 GB data for 1 month but now it’s unlimited. After 2 GB your data speed will be 64 kbps for the rest of your validity.

Jio 149 Plan in Brief

Price Rs. 149
Validity Valid for 28 days
Data Total 2 GB for 56 days (2 months) (2 GB per month after that unlimited data at speed of 64 kbps)
Messages 300 messages for 2 months
Jio Apps Unlimited access to all Jio apps

Few Words From Dom 👤

Guys, frankly speaking, I have no problem with this offer because I don’t use jio call feature. Yeah! Jio call is totally unworthy of me just like Thor’s hammer 🔨 for Thor in Thor movie. Here in my area Jio call feature is hell bad, I even can’t listen what other person is saying another side. So, friends, what do you think 🤔 about new jio call step taken by jio, please share your feeling with me in the comment section. I would love to see your reaction.

TechMojis Words 💬:

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We Are One Big Happy Family ❤

Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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