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No doubt that Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for your PC,💻 Tablets and for mobile phones if📱 you are having a fast internet connection. But if you are using a slow internet connection like 2G then you can’t use Google Chrome, unfortunately, That’s why to resolve this problem I am back again to give you best tips and trick for speed up chrome browser even in slow connection, looking interested? Then connect with this post to know how you can use Google Chrome in a faster way even in slow connection.

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In this article, we will discuss speed up chrome speed, Speed Up Chrome Speed Browser, speed up google chrome, speed up chrome downloads, speed up chrome android, speed up chrome on mac and mauch more.

Google Chrome Features List

In this part, I’ll tell you about Google chrome features, Google chrome features list, chrome features. Few of them you already knew but few of them can amaze. Read them by holding your heart.

  • Best UI (user Interface)
  • Inbuilt features
  • High Security
  • Print a Web Page 📄 facility
  • Task Manager of Google Chrome
  • Pin 📍 Tab feature
  • Incognito Tab feature
  • Quick Calculations feature
  • Easily Reopen the Tabs feature
  • Paste and Go feature
  • Sync Google Chrome with your Google Account feature (One of the Best Feature)
  • Just Highlight and Search feature
  • Navigate the Tabs easily feature
  • Drag the Downloaded file feature
  • Inspect Element feature
  • Results from a Specific Website feature
  • Copy only Text feature
  • Use Google Chrome as Multimedia Tool feature
  • Drag URL to Bookmark 📑 feature
  • Zoom 🔎 -in-out feature
  • Google Chrome Web Store 🏪 feature
  • Awesome Extensions feature
  • Mind blowing Themes for Google Chrome
  • Translation Extension feature
  • In-built Game 😉

Hmmm!!! 😂 what are you thinking guys 💭? This is the power of Google Chrome, you can’t get Google chrome features in other browsers, “hey one second 😓if you are thinking that I’m getting some money from Google to promote their Browser then my answer will be a big NO. I’m only with the technologies”.

So, imagine guys if you start getting Google chrome features with the high speed of Google Chrome in slow connection then “It would be AWESOME”. So keep your eyes 👀 on my post to enjoy a faster experience of Google Chrome.

Speed Up Chrome Browser, Speed Up Google Chrome, Speed Up Chrome Downloads

Let’s start our journey to know about Speed up chrome, speed up google chrome without wasting a single seconds of yours.

(Speed Up Chrome) By Clear Browsing Data Regularly:

“What’s new in it, I do it regularly” 😒 few of them start thinking this after reading the📖 way title. But it is one of the ways to release some space from your Google Chrome and make it faster, actually browsing data have the following wastage stuff like:

  • Cache Files 📁
  • Login details
  • Browser history
  • Saved forms
  • and much more….

After deleting all this wastage stuffs, a heavy size approx. of few MB get released from your device and that will make your browser fast.

How To Delete Browsing Data?

Follow my instructions to know how to delete browsing data.

  • Go to Settings option.
  • Now click on History option.
  • Now you can see a option “Clear browsing data”.
  • Click on it and feel light 😉
  • It definitely works guys.

(Speed up chrome) By Data Saver Extensions:

Extensions can also be very helpful to increase your Google Chrome speed like “Data Saver” extension. This extension helps you to save lots of internet data which is stored in your Chrome, it also helps to boost your internet speed. It is very useful, give it try guys.

(Speed up chrome) By Disabling the Image Content:

This is one of the best ways to increase Speed of Google Chrome easily by just disabling the image content. When you disable this option it will make your browser really fast because it stop ✋showing an image of any website on which you go.

How To Disable the Image Content:

  • Go to URL option first.
  • Then type this content on your url line: “chrome://chrome/settings/content” and press enter key.
  • Now check ☑ on “Do not show any images” option.
  • That’s it guys now enjoy fast Google Chrome.

(Speed up chrome) By Disabling Plugins or Extensions:

Google Chrome is rich and one of the best browser by its Extensions or Plugins, it has an almost countless number of Extensions which help to make your search experience better but it has some demerits too. It slows down your Google Chrome browser speed. So to overcome from this problem we need to disable mostly all the useless plugins or extensions to increase its speed.

How To Disable Plugins or Extensions:

  • First, go to Settings option.
  • Then click on Extension bar that is on left side.
  • And select useless extensions and delete them by clicking on dustbin icon.
  • That’s it guys, now feel a difference in speed.

(Speed up chrome) By Enabling Prefetch Resources:

Mostly Google Chrome users don know👥 about it. It also plays ▶ a very important role in speeding up your browser. Just enable it and see the magic.

How To Enable Prefetch Resources:

Now I’m going to tell you how you can enable this option. Have a look, guys.

  • Go to Settings option first of all.
  • Now its turn to go on “Advance Setting” option.
  • Open 🔓 Privacy option🔏.
  • Now tick mark ✅ on “Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly” option.
  • You are done now. Now experience the best speed of Google Chrome on your device.

(Speed up chrome) By Disabling the DNS Preloading:

By disabling the DNS preloading option, you can really increase your Google Chrome browser speed. It is one of the best and major feature present in Google Chrome browser and it helps in saving the cache of the Domain Name Servers (DNS). The simplest thing you have to do is just disable the DNS Preloading option to enjoy a smooth experience of Google Chrome. Just follow my instructions to know how to Implement.

How To Disable the DNS Preloading:

  • After coming on privacy option you will see two ✌ options and these options are:
  • Open 🔓 Privacy 🔏 option.
  • Now its turn to go on “Advance Setting” option.
  • Go to Settings option first of all.
  • Use a web service to help resolve navigational errors
  • Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URL’s typed in address bar
  • Just disable both the options to enjoy a seamless experience of Google Chrome.

(Speed up chrome) By Enabling Experimental Feature:

It may be possible that only a few people know about this feature even me too come to know about this amazing feature while I was surfing the internet so you don’t need to feel worried about😓 reading about your Google Chrome read about📖 this amazing feature and how it works to make your browser fast.

It is distributed in few parts, so I’ll request you to keep your eyes and👀 brain 100% on this trick.

Open 🔓 “chrome://flags” in url panel.

Step 1: For Faster Image Loading:

This function will help you to increase the speed of loading an image faster in a Google Chrome browser.

  • Press Control +F button
  • And search for “num-raster-threads”, you will see “Number of raster threads” feature.
  • Just change it to numeric number 4.

Step 2: For Smooth Scrolling:

This function will help you to increase the speed scrolling for a smooth experience.

  • First press Control +F button
  • Now search for “smooth Scrolling” option.
  • The last step is just to click on “enable” link.🔗
  • You are done now, now enjoy smooth scrolling.

Step 3: For GPU Acceleration:

This function will help you to increase or accelerate GPU which help you to ignore low perform GPU.

  • First press Control +F button.
  • Now search for “ignore-gpu-blacklist” option.
  • Just click on “enable” link 🔗
  • Now your browser will run fast as you wanted.

Step 4: Quick Close Open 🔓 Tabs:

This function will help you to increase the speed of your Google Chrome browser to close open tabs🔓 more quickly.

  • First press Control +F button.
  • Now search for “enable-fast-unload” option.
  • Just click on “enable” link 🔗
  • You are done.
  • Enjoy guys.😉

Now, at least smile, guys, a small one will be awesome for us. We spent some time 🕝 for this article. If this article is helpful for you, you can share with your friends so that they can also read this article in future when they need it and believe me helping our loved friend is one of the best feeling in world. You are lucky if your childhood friend is still your friend like me. You already have met him.

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