How Does WhatsApp Make Money Without Showing Ads? ⛔: How? How? Hooooow??????????

Two genius 🎓 and stupid (I’ll tell you later) person just changed the face of communication of modern world by launching WhatsApp messenger app. They are genius because they made WhatsApp messaging 💬 app and they are stupid because they sold it to Facebook, they shouldn’t sell it.  There is always a way to fix any kind of problems. If anyone has a phone he must be having WhatsApp on their phone and if they haven’t they are living in a cave. By the way, today’s topic is on How Does WhatsApp Make Money Without Showing Ads? Ever thought? Nope? No problem.

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss, how WhatsApp make money, how does WhatsApp make money without showing ads, how WhatsApp earns money, how whatsapp make money on android and many doubts are going to clear today, I swear.

How Does WhatsApp Make Money Without Showing Ads? ⛔ 

I, you, (yes you who are reading this amazing article right now) know that apps, websites (like TechMojis) earn money by showing ads on their platform. But WhatsAppers never see any kind of ads on their WhatsApp. So, the million question arises now how does WhatsApp make money and why the Facebook bought WhatsApp at 19 Billion dollars if it can’t pay back to Facebook? 🤔 Don’t worry, I have an answer to your million dollar question. WhatsApp makes money every single day. Let’s know below .👇

By Using Dr. Strange’s Eye Of Agamotto 👁 Let’s See WhatsApp Past

When WhatsApp was launched, It used to charge $1 dollars of subscription per year. That’s how WhatsApp make money in past and gave millions to two genius and stupid person. But when Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, it stopped asking for $1 and got completely free for lifetime. 🤗

BUT!!! How Does WhatsApp Make Money In Current Time? 💰

Guys, WhatsApp makes money by using our data (not the internet data). Actually, Facebook (parent company of WhatsApp) use and analyze 📈 our database like what we talk with our friends on messengers, WhatsApp, what we search on Google and shows ads on Facebook timeline. Didn’t understand? Don’t worry, here comes an example of how does WhatsApp make money nowadays.

Assume This To Know How WhatsApp Makes Money 😲

  • You are using WhatsApp and chatting with your friends by muting your family groups. 😅
  • Your one friend asked you to suggest the best smartphone under 15000.
  • You told him that Redmi Note 5 Pro is the best phone in this price range and send some pics.
  • After that, you asked him/her for the party but he went offline without saying thanks to you 😒.
  • Now, your friend starts using Facebook after talking to you (anytime in that day or another day).
  • And guess what will happen next? Your friend will start seeing phone related ads on his/her Facebook feeds.
  • So, what happened between both of you that he started seeing phone ads? As I said Facebook use our data to assume or predict what they want.

As you suggest him a phone, Facebook bot used that data and send it Facebook server and from there other Facebook bot starting showing him best phone ads on Amazon or Flipkart with great offers 🎁. Now got the point why Facebook bought WhatsApp at 19 Billion dollars. Because WhatsApp has 1+ billion users and by targeting them, Facebook can earn billions.

Let Me Tell Me My Story (You Can Ignore It) 🤪

  • I bought Jiofi device for internet access.
  • But after few months, it is not good speed. So I searched Airtel 4G hotspot
  • And talk to few of my friends on WhatsApp about it.
  • And as I opened my Facebook in evening, I started seeing Airtel 4G hotspot ads on my Facebook feeds.
  • For me, it was surprising because before that I never sawed Airtel 4G hotspot.
  • But the funniest thing is that I never order. 😁

Did You Know?

Facebook is earning an average 15 to 20 dollars from you per year and you didn’t notice.

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