How to 🤔 Hide/Block ❌ Last Seen Features In Facebook App and Messenger 💬 MAR | 2019

A teenager guy 🚶 who dropped his college in middle and followed his dream and now he is Mark Zuckerberg. He doesn’t need any introduction. He is the CEO of world’s most popular social network site Facebook. Today’s almost each and every person is on Facebook. Actually, its a best medium to connect with our friends, family members 👥 who live far from us. All is one is that everyone is on Facebook. That’s why today I’m going to share an interesting trick about Facebook.

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So today I’m going to tell 🗣 you an interesting post on Facebook, today I’ll tell you how can you hide your last seen in Facebook and Facebook messenger.

What Is the Need of Hiding 🎭 Last Seen In Facebook?

Privacy buddies privacy! Not everyone wants that someone knows about me.

How to Hide/Block ❌ Last Seen Features In Facebook App and Messenger 💬 2017

So let’s start our journey 🛩 to know how to hide/block last seen on Facebook and in Messenger without wasting a single second 🕥 of yours.

Hide Your Last Seen On Facebook Messenger In iPhone 📱:

If you are using an iPhone as well as Facebook Messenger and you want to hide your last seen activity then just follow these methods.

  • First of all, open your Facebook messenger 💬 app in your iPhone.
  • Now go to People option.
  • After that just click on Active option at the top of messenger app.
  • Finally just disable your toggle button and you are done, guys.
  • When you disable your toggle button, active friends also stop seeing 👀 and your last seen too. Neither you or anyone of your Facebook friends would be able to see your last seen.

Hide Your Last Seen On Facebook Webpage In Settings ⚙ Option:

If you use Facebook on web page like me then you can also hide your last seen 👀 activity. Just follow my mentioned instructions and enjoy your life guys.

  • First of all, go to website by using Google Chrome or any browser 🌏 you use in PC or mobile phone.
  • After going and logging in just open Settings options and choose Apps option.
  • In Apps option, you will find Edit option for Apps Others Use. Simply click on Edit option.
  • After doing this simply Uncheck all the options which were showing (kindly read them properly before unchecking) and click on Save option.
  • You are done, guys.

Hide When You Read 📖 Someone Message On Facebook By Unseen App:

If you use Facebook on PC 🖥 or on webpage then this is the best method to hide when you read someone message so if it looking interesting for you then don’t waste time in thinking just try it and if you didn’t like it then just remove it.

  • First of all visit this Facebook page by clicking on the blue button just given below 👇.
  • Now it will ask you to Log In with your Facebook id and password, just follow the steps.
  • That’s it guys you are done now. Enjoy your privacy.

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