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Wait a minute? What I just typed? Am I going to talk about GTA 7? 🤔 (After reading the topic again) Well yeah I’m going to talk about GTA 7 but a few minutes later, first, let me talk to you, are you a GTA fan? How mad are you about GTA game? I’m asking this because now admin of TechMojis is not asking, a hardcore GTA fan is asking to another GTA fan 😍, come on friends share with me your best and worst GTA experience.

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So basically today I’m going to share all rumors, news, release date and almost everything about this game as I said above, now a GTA fan is typing this so be relax because you are going to get every single news 🗞 about GTA 7.

GTA 5 Game

Calling GTA 5 a game is like to insult it just like saying Bugatti Chiron a car ❤️. It is not just a game. It is more than it. Before moving to GTA 7 game lets talk about GTA 5. We can’t go directly to that before talking about GTA 5. Friends, this game was a milestone. This game was a game of the year when it launched. In GTA 5 it’s developer mainly focused 🔎 on details like:

  • The sound of turbo cooling fan in a car engine.
  • Sound of rolling bottles
  • You can see the sweat on player’s clothes 👔.
  • and many more tiny details

GTA 5 Features:

Before imagining 💭 how GTA 7 will be? Let recall our memories with GTA 5 so that we got an idea how this game can be.

  • GTA 5 was the first GTA game that goes online.
  • First time ever 3 main players discovered in GTA 5.
  • GTA 5 is the fastest selling game in the history of video game. This game just earned $1 billion in its first 24 hours of release.
  • Rockstar sold out 195 million copies of GTA 5 game worldwide for all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One).

GTA 5 is an online game and you can play with 3 players but this is the one thing that I don’t like and many more GTA lovers about this game. I wish there would be only one player 🕴. This is the reason GTA 5 has a weak storyline as compared to other GTA games.

GTA 7 Game 🕹

Now leaving GTA 5 behind, it’s time to talk about what we all are here. GTA 5 is 65GB in size, I’m wondering by thinking the size of it. Will it come in TB? And GTA  5 is a complete package for a game lover then I’m wondering by thinking what GTA 7 comes with? Do you have any idea about it? if yes then please tell me by commenting 💬, Please.

GTA 7 Release Date 📆

GTA fans you have to wait for a loooooooooooog time for GTA 7. Now Rockstar Games is planning to release Red Dead Redemption 2 game in 2017 that’s why it can make us wait till 2026. Yeah, friends rumors are saying that GTA could launch its next installment in 2020 for consoles and for PC it may take some more time, I think GTA will launch it in 2022 or 2023 for PC. Now GTA 7 is in imagination.

GTA Map (Location) 🗺

GTA San Andreas had 3 cities (without including forest village) and it was huge at that time. In GTA 5, the city looked so big. So I’m wondering will developers include the whole US or they will feature LA, New York or Miami to GTA 7 (nothing is confirmed now). But it would be interesting to see in future.

GTA 7 Storyline 📜

I really love GTA San Andreas storyline and personally, it is still my best GTA game. I studied few article 📃 and find out that GTA 5 storyline isn’t impressive, players still thinking that GTA San Andreas has the best storyline. So it would be interesting to see the storyline of this rumored game. Now I don’t know anything about it but as soon as I get something cool and interesting about GTA 7 storyline, I’ll put it here.

GTA 7 Rumors 📢

Now let’s talk about GTA all types of rumors that are going viral nowadays. I personally don’t know how much truth or lie are hidden in these rumors but talking about it, give me a smile 😊.

#1. A Female Player in GTA 7?

According to rumors Rockstar co-founder and lead writer Dan Houser said in an interview that if possible they will include a female player in the game. Now it would be interesting to see 👀 a female player in GTA 7. I personally don’t like a female player in GTA 7, what do you think friends? Share your feelings with me.

#2. Star Face

This is the one of the most viral GTA 7, rumors are that Hollywood stars can be a face of players in GTA 7. Few names have come in front. Rumors are saying that Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling can be as a face GTA 7 player Eva Mendez for a female player and Ryan Gosling for a male player.

#3. VR 🤓 Support

One of my favorite rumor that GTA 7 might support virtual reality. If it comes true then, believe me, friends, it will change the whole scenario of the gaming universe. I just can’t wait for it.

#4. Futuristic Things?

First I laughed at this, then I said “What?”. Rumors are saying that player can do a time travel, teleportation in GTA 7. (hahahahaha 😂). But it will look weird if this happened. What do you think, guys? 

GTA 7 System Requirements

There are still most of the players who can’t play GTA 5 because their system doesn’t support that game (including me). GTA 5 has very high-end specifications so it’s obvious that this game system requirements are not going low and I can guess it will demand more specifications than GTA 5.

  • PS5, PS6 or PS7
  • Xbox One
  • Inbuild PC or Gaming Laptop

My WishList For GTA 7 😻

Friends, I have shared all leaked rumors above about it, I know there is nothing big that could surprise us but as I said above this game is in post-production now. As I will get information about it, I’ll write down here. So friends, now I’m going to share my personal wishlist about this game. I wish developers read 📖 my article and implement that.

#1. VR Support For GTA 7

I really really want that GTA 7 support VR support in future. Imagine friends 👥 yourself on the place of players and…… I just can’t express that feeling in words, I just want VR support.

#2. A New Location (Map) in GTA 7

Believe me, GTA San Andreas location is amazing. A location of Los Angeles is great. So I’m expecting more now and I want a new location of another popular city of US for GTA 7 like Washington DC (with The White House), Chicago or any other city but it must be huge.

#3. Making GTA 7 More Real

GTA may try everything to make their game closer to reality but still, something look missing like:

  • Cars might have fuel gauges (imagine friends, you are doing mission and just notice that fuel is going to end, it will be insane, isn’t it?)
  • Introducing gang members like GTA San Andreas and protecting our hoods in large scale.

#4. More Vehicle 🚀 Variation

No doubt, GTA 5 has tons of new and amazing collection of cars and planes. But I want more and more and more of cars. I want to ride skateboard, skates and many new gadgets in it.

#5. More Side Missions 🔫

I want more side missions in GTA 7. Weird, funny, cool, crazy side missions.

#6. GTA 7 For PC 💻

GTA 5 took 2 years to come to PC platform that was a bad thing for PC players (I also play games on PC). I just want that GTA 7 launch for PC by the different of few months not years. Come on friends we are living in the 21st century.

So GTA fans that was mine wishlist I request you if you share your wishlist by commenting below. It would be nice to talk on it.

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