TechMojis Giveaway 🎁 1: 12 September 2017

Old people says 🗣 Sharing is caring. If someone is giving you something then it’s your duty and kindness to give something back to them in return. That’s what we are doing today. Today we are going to do the 1st giveaway, yes friends you heard it right Today is TechMojis 1st Giveaway. Stay with me to know more about it.

Why Suddenly A Giveaway 😅?

Now few of mine friends might be thinking that why they are throwing give away suddenly? We want to tell them we didn’t plan for it suddenly we are thinking about a giveaway 👥 from a long while, you all guys gave us un-measurable love and it’s our duty to give something back to you or God will never forgive us that’s why we are bringing this giveaway.

Reason 🤔 of Giveaway

The biggest reason for doing this giveaway is TechMojis is going to be 1 year on 12 September ❤️. I still remember that day IF you want to know more about TechMojis, how TechMojis has started or about us then I have made an article on it, you can easily go there and know more about us. It is in About menu.

Few Instructions 📝 for Giveaway

Actually, I didn’t want to use any terms and conditions but when I did some searches then I found that we should follow some instructions like

  • How you can take participate in this giveaway
  • What will be price
  • How will we choose our friends as winner 🏆 for this giveaway
  • and many more things

How You Can You Take Participate in This Giveaway

Update: Winners are announced, We have mailed Winners of TechMojis Giveaway. If you are not in the winner list then keep on joining our TechMojis Giveaway. I am sure that you will win someday. Thank You for so Much Love!

BookMyShow GiveAway

This giveaway is for all of our friends who love us a lot and who love us little bit, simply follow this step.

  • This giveaway is all about sharing. If you share it you will get anything you wish worth of Rs. 600 like you can take Rs. 600 as paytm cash, Jio recharge, Domino’s voucher or anything you want.
  • First of all Log in in giveaway with your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.
  • After that share this on Facebook and twitter and get a chance to win anything you want worth of Rs. 600.
  • You should be in our Notification Squad by clicking on the bell Icon on the right side so that you guys can able to get winners notification right in your chrome browser.

That’s it friends.

What’s Will Be Prize 🎁

Now time to reveal the prize for the winners but I want to confess that this is our 1st giveaway and now we are not earning too much as we expected so the prize isn’t too high like other blogs we have tried our best. So, guys, our reward is :

We will  choose 2 winners for this giveaway and We will give what our friends want worth of Rs. 600. They can wish anything that worth of Rs. 600👥

We know it’s very low but this is what we can afford. But we promise that next giveaway will be huge.

How Will We Choose Our Friends As Winner 🏆 For This Giveaway

This giveaway is starting from today 12 September 2017 and it will go until 21 September 2017 and we will announce our winners on 21 September 2017. We will decide our winner who will share it and earn lot of entries.

Next What?

As we choose our winners, we will contact them by emailing and request them to send us a selfie of yours or any pic that they want to share with us and we will upload that pic 🌅 by mentioning few things about them here In this article permanently, isn’t it interesting? and it’s a proof too that we are not giving a fake giveaway.

Giveaway Result

Friends, as you might know, that we have 2 winners of our giveaway 1. Abhishek Y and 2. Yevhenii P. But we are facing a problem we tried to contact Abhishek Y through email and on Facebook but he is not responding and in case of Yevenii P, he is from another country so we are finding way to transfer him money through PayPal or any medium.

TechMojis Words 💬

That’s it guys, I hope you all understand this and you will take part in this giveaway if you wish you can also share this with your friends and family members (cousins) to take participate in it. It will be blast. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤️

Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!