Fun Facts About The Royal Wedding

It’s now been months since the entire world tuned in to watch Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle tie the knot. But ultimately it’s going to be one of the main events that defined 2018. Despite India’s somewhat complicated relationship with Britain and the debatable merits of a modern monarchy, the world still loves the British princes. It may be their fun-loving spirit and philanthropic efforts, or it could be a form of lingering affection for Princess Diana. But whatever the reason, Harry’s wedding proved to be one of those rare world events we can all simply witness and enjoy together in a happy and carefree way.

And now that a few months have passed, we’ve heard all sorts of interesting things about the proceedings. So for anyone interested, here are some random, fun facts about this past May’s royal wedding.

Meghan Was The Oldest Royal Bride

Many have been surprised to learn that Meghan Markle is actually three years older than Prince Harry. But even more surprising is that she’s the oldest royal bride in British history! Perhaps this makes a little bit more sense when you consider that for much of history it was more acceptable for men to marry much younger women. But at this stage it seems remarkable that a woman who was just 36 years old at the time of the wedding earned this sort of distinction.

Harry Designed The Engagement Ring

This is perhaps less about the wedding and more about the lead up to it, but it’s awfully impressive that someone with as many demands on his time and attention as Harry managed to design an engagement ring himself. Needless to say, the design worked for Markle. She looks lovely in the ring, and most will agree that the prince showed very good taste in his design.

There Were Robust Betting Markets

People seem to place bets on just about everything these days. This is in part because betting has become so accessible online, as well as that there are free bets offered to new customers that make it easy to jump in for a specific event. At any rate, some are amused to learn that the royal wedding spawned a robust betting market of its own, with people wagering on everything from Harry’s outfit to the weather the morning of the ceremony. Somehow just the knowledge of this market makes the whole thing more fun.

The Wedding Musician Was 19 Years Old

The main cellist charged with playing for parts of the wedding was a young man named Sheku

Kanneh-Mason, who has since become known as “Cello Bae” and gained worldwide fans. Kanneh-Mason was just 19 years old when he played the wedding, and when you think about it, it’s pretty cool that the royal family trusted him with such a momentous opportunity. Needless to say, Cello Bae impressed.

Meghan Is Not Princess Meghan

The quirks of the English royal family are endlessly fascinating, and accordingly Meghan Markle is somehow not ever going to be known as Princess Meghan. Her official title is Duchess of Sussex, but as far as the prince/princess thing goes, she effectively takes Harry’s title. Royal tradition dictates that she will therefore be called Her Royal Highness Princess Harry of Wales. The good news though is that most everyone else in England save the five people closer to the throne than Harry now have to bow to her!

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