How to fix a water 🌊 damaged mobile phone 📱 (For All Androids, iPhones and windows phone) MAR | 2019

I have a mobile phone 📱 of 30k and I’m very possessive of it, I’m using my mobile phone for 1.5 years and still, I use it very carefully because it became my world, all my work is done from it. I could never imagine that my mobile phone gets in the water or fall on concrete from hand. I just want to say as I love my mobile phone, you definitely love your mobile phone too. Imagine if it gets to fall in the water (I genuinely don’t want happens with you 🤞) then what would you do, ever you thought about it? Well, this post 📃 is dedicated to this incident, So stay connected with me 👤 to come to know what should we do in that situation!

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After reading 📖 from all leading websites 🌏 on Google and discussing from experts person, I’m mentioning you the following important procedure you should have to do if you have got trapped 😨 in such like a problem. Just remember my steps to implement it in future.

Phone ✨ Tricks:

Before going to the main post, Dominic Toretto has some cool tricks that will help you to give some extra help 🤝 regarding this post, I mean if your mobile phone gets to come in contact with water suddenly then what the following things you should not do ? Just read this segment to know what you should not to do

First of all, keep calm and don’t be panic everything is your under control and follow these steps carefully to save your mobile phone from dying 📵.

  • Don’t turn ON your mobile phone if it got wet.
  • Don’t charge your damaged mobile phone
  • Don’t play with it, I mean don’t press on the screen or any keys
  • Keep your mobile phone steady, don’t shake it
  • Keep your mobile phone away from heat otherwise, it may misbehave
  •  Please don’t shake or blow air in mobile phone instantly after taking out from water

Just follow these precautions and you will win the battle, now if you want to win the full battle just follow these steps given below. All the best 😉

How to fix a water 🌊 damaged mobile phone 📵 (For All Androids, iPhones and windows 📱) 2017

So let’s start our fight 🥊 with this heartbreaking 💔 problem or situation without wasting a second millisecond.

#1. Take out your mobile phone from water as soon as possible:

This is the first step you should attempt when if you trap in such kind of situations, doesn’t matter where your mobile phone get fall like in washbasin or toilet 🚽, in bucket 🗑 which is full of water, in sink or waterfall on your mobile phone , just take it out as soon as possible after all its your lovely mobile phone and at least you can do it for your mobile phone.

#2. Turn off 📵 or switch off your mobile phone after taking out:

This is the next step you should do after taking out from where it fell, just switch off  or turn off your mobile phone by long pressing the power button until it gets switched off or if your mobile phone has removal battery 🔋 then without thinking 💭 long just take out the battery instantly. “Don’t worry guys we are going in right direction”.

#3. Search or find 🔎 a safe place:

Now you have to search a flat and safe surface for your living room or bedroom with some well-cleaned clothes to clean your mobile phone.

#4. Disassemble your injured mobile phone:

I hope you guys 👥 know what disassemble means and if you don’t know then I will tell you about itDisassemble means remove all parts that is easily removable with your hands 👐 like your back cover, your mobile phone battery (if it is removable) then remove it, your SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) I still remember it because it had come in question paper of 2 marks, your Micro-SD card and keep it on well-cleaned cloth.

#5. Try to dry 🍃 all exterior and removed part of your mobile phone:

Now with the help of a well-cleaned cloth, wipe off all water visible on the body of your phone. You can even use a paper towel to dry out every component. Use it with gently and softly, don’t use too much force on it otherwise, it can be damage.

#6. Use open environment or rice 🌾 to make your mobile phone dry 🌬:

After cleaning or wiping out the most of the water from the outer body of your damaged mobile phone, just keep it on top of the counter or in drawer 🐡 or you can also use home 🏠 made trick to make your mobile phone dry and that one is just kept  in a bag full of rice 🌾 for 2 or 3 days, rice environment will absorb all water and moisture or humidity from your mobile phone till then you can use other mobile phone if possible (not too much expensive💰) IF my idea to keep your mobile phone in bag which is full of rice is little bit awkward then I have something for you, you can use Silica gel packs or Kensington water rescue kit 🎒 (buy only if you have a really expensive mobile phone 📱 and is too close to your heart ❤️).

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TechMojis Words 💬:

So, guys, we did everything best, we could do to protect our loved one mobile phone after taking out from the water 🌊. Just implement these steps given above if you are facing such kind of problems, so if done all those steps given above then its time to the result, now after coming from up to down while following the step, our last step was to keep the mobile phone in rice 🌾 or to use Silica gel or Kensington water rescue kit now it’s time to check the result, I mean how much that tricks worked. So take out the mobile phone from a bag of rice, assemble all the parts, next step is to plug the phone in and try to turn it on. If your mobile phone works then it has some guts (check all the functions working or not like make a call, listen to your favorite music)  and by the chance, if it doesn’t work then you know what to do just go to nearest authorized service center 🏬.

I hope this tutorial 📃 help you a lot or little bit if you have any queries regarding while understanding or implementing the tricks you can comment in comment box 📮 without fearing, I promise I will be back 🔙 to you with an appropriate and satisfying answer as soon as possible. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤️

Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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