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A teenager guy 🚶 who dropped his college in middle and followed his dream and now he is Mark Zuckerberg. He doesn’t need any introduction. He is the CEO of world’s most popular social network site Facebook. Today’s almost each and every person is on Facebook. Actually, it’s a best medium to connect with our friends, family members 👥 who live far from us. All is one is that everyone is on Facebook. 

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So today I’m going to share few Facebook facts that could be surprising, cool or awesome for you. You should definitely read these Facebook facts to think more about how much this world is full of treasure.

Surprising 😱, Cool, Amazing Facebook Facts 2017

So let’s start our journey 🛩 to know surprising Facebook facts without wasting a single second 🕖 of yours.

  • Did you know that every second there are 20,000 people on Facebook? This means in just 18 minutes there are 11 million users on Facebook.
  • On average there are 4,86,183 users use Facebook per minute from their mobile phone.
  • Did you know that there are more than 1 billion mobile app links 🔗 enabled on Facebook?
  • You would be surprised to know that Facebook users just spend 927 million hours per month by just playing Facebook games.
  • The percentage of 15 to 34 years old people is 66 %,  use Facebook daily.
  • Did you know senior citizens also use Facebook and their percentage are 31 %? That’s mean 31 % of senior citizens are on Facebook in US.
  • Do you also use Facebook from your mobile phone 📱? If yes then you are not alone because 79 % of all users also use Facebook from their mobile phone.
  • Facebook is most famous social networking site and one of its reason is 745 million people use Facebook daily.
  • Still, Facebook is growing very rapidly, did you know more than 7,000 people are making a new id on Facebook or going on Facebook. That means 8 people are creating a Facebook id per second.
  • Do you send a message to your friend on Facebook, you are not alone friends. Facebook user is sending or receiving 1,50,000 messages per minute.
  • I usually don’t post on the timeline of Facebook but did you know that in every 15 minutes Facebook users post 49 million posts (3 million posts 📃 per minute) on Facebook.
  • Facebook just generated $ 12.47 billions in 2014.
  • Do you know the quantity of photos uploaded on Facebook per day? It’s more than 350 million.
  • You must send or receive a friend request on Facebook but do you have any idea that 1,00,000 (1 lakh) have been sent or received in every 10 minutes.
  • Did you know Facebook users do 5,00,000 Likes per minutes in the whole world?
  • Facebook is making $ 1.4 million money 💰 (revenue) every hour.
  • More than 70 % of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile advertising.
  • Did you know that Facebook earns $ 2.5 billion just from mobile advertising?
  • Have you ever shared anything on Facebook? Listen to this. Facebook users share 1.3 million pieces of content per minute on Facebook.
  •  You might don’t know about it that Facebook uploaded more videos as compared to YouTube in November 2014.
  • On an average Facebook users spend more than 20 minutes per day on Facebook.
  • Approximately 42 % of Facebook users are male.
  • Do  you know the percentage of people who check their Facebook when they wake up? They are 48 % and their age lies between 18-34 years old and 28 % of Facebook user check their Facebook when they go to sleep.
  •  Did you know that approximate 7.5 million website 🌏 have Facebook Like or Share buttons?
  • Did you know that California comes on the 1st place in socialism. It has 15,267,160 users on Facebook whether Texas comes in second place with 9 millions of users and New York comes in 3rd place with 8 millions of Facebook user.
  • Amazon, Samsung Mobile, Subway, Target, and Walmart are the top 5 most popular brands on Facebook in USA.
  • Ever wonder how much people are on Facebook. The number goes above 95 million.
  • What language do you use on Facebook? why I’m asking? Because my friends there are 70 different languages available on Facebook.
  • Did you know that in every 20 minutes on Facebook, 1 million links are shared, 2 million friends are requested and 3 million messages are sent. (You are one of them guys.)
  • Be feel proud if you use Facebook because you are one of them. Facebook has 150 billions of friend connections, 1.13 trillion likes and 250 billions of photos that have been uploaded since Facebook launched.
  • Per day (approximate) there are 350 million photos 🖼 uploaded, 4.5 billion likes, 10 billion messages sent and 22 billion times Like or Share button are pressed.
  • Don’t bite your finger by your teeth by reading this that Facebook has 1,310,000,000 users with 680 million of them are on mobile devices.
  • Did you know that in past or in starting Facebook was called as “thefacebook.com” later it became what we all know now facebook.com
  • Did you guys know that in 2006 Yahoo tried to buy Facebook by offering $ 1 billion but Facebook rejected it and see Mark Zuckerberg’s hard work made Facebook a $ 50 billion of company and Yahoo couldn’t survive now?
  • We all know that Facebook was launched in 2004 but do you know that Facebook started earning its profit in 2009. Facebook 1st profit was between $ 600 to $ 700 million from ads and applications.
  • Did you know that Facebook is the no. 1 website in the world in most blocked websites.
  • What is your current age of using Facebook? If you think you are too old to use Facebook then read this line the oldest person who is on Facebook is a woman of 103 years old whose name is Reta Watson and she is from London. ( You can search her on Facebook and join her group)
  • One little bit awkward thing about Facebook is if you didn’t log into your Facebook account from few months then Facebook will consider that you are dead now and sends a message ✉ You are dead to all your Facebook friends and if Facebook found you were dead then your profile is turned into special kind of page where people can do comments but doesn’t appear in the search results.

So friends that were best from my side on Facebook facts 😊. It might be more than 5o, few of them is new for you, few might you hear somewhere or few facts might just amaze you. If you like it and you want that your friends or family member 👥 should know about these Facebook facts then you can share this post on your Facebook or WhatsApp.

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