How to 🤔 Check Jiofi Calling, Data and SMS ✉ Balance MAR | 2019

Have a jiofi? But don’t know how to check calling, data or SMS balance in it. Then don’t worry friends that’s why TechMojis has taken birth just to solve all your small (like Ant 🐜) and big (like Elephant 🐘) problems in funny. So friends how jiofi is performing for you? Are you getting real 4G speed? If I talk about myself, my highest download speed was 1 Mbps in torrents (because of custom settings), what was your highest downloading speed, please share with me in a comment. It would be nice to see.

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So today I’m going to share few methods through which you can know your jiofi balance.

Method 1 to Know (Check) Talktime and Data 🌏 Balance in Jio:

We are family 👥 and we always want good for our family at any cost or any situation because we love ❤️ and care for each other! We also a family now so I have to think good for you any cost, that’s why I’m adding this segment here because I want to see you satisfied with what you are looking. Without stretching too much I’m going to tell you the easiest way to know:

I’m helping you, right? So I also deserve some credits! Download this app and enter “2ZNQZGUM” in the referral code option to give me a tip of Rs. 10… (That’s  little bit I deserve! Isn’t it?)

  • Your Number
  • Your Talktime and Data Balance
  • You will get balance of Rs. 10 instantly
  • Just install this app to know your number, balance and much more secrets are waiting for you.
  • Just Open True Balance App (On Home screen you will see your Internet and talktime balance)
  • Now click on 3 horizontal lines that are on upper left side and click on your network name
  • Next step is, go to SIM Settings option
  • The final step is to click 🖱 on the first option called “Phone number” to know your number.

Method 2 to Know (Check) Talktime and Data 🌏 Balance in Jio:

Download My Jio android app to know your talktime and data balance instantly but you will not get Rs. 10 in this app after installing it like True balance is giving above but you can definitely get to know your talktime and data balance. Click on blue button is 🔵 given below to download My Jio App.

  • After going to app or webpage click on Sign In or Sign Up option.
  • Now open your My Account option to know your Jio Call Balance, Jio Data Balance and Jio SMS Balance.


  • See, put that number which is inserted in jiofi to sign in or sign up for jio account.

Method 3 to Know (Check) Talktime and Data Balance in Jio:

The creator of this method is Dominic Toretto 🕶, so if you want to appreciate that, you can say some good lines in comment box 📮, believe me, my dearest friends appreciation from your side is almost everything ❤️ for us (Me and Dhruvhat). So let’s discuss this method to know how can you get to know about your talktime and data balance in your network without being worried too much. Just follow my instructions carefully to implement it.

Just open your Jio Data for a very short time period (only for 3 seconds 🕛) and close the data immediately or Call anyone for a very short time period ⏳, um.. (only for 3 seconds) and cut the call immediately to know all these facilities (SORRY! CALLING IS UNLIMITED) 😎.

Method 4 to Know (Check) Talktime 📞 and Data 🌏 Balance in Jio (I personally Use This Method)

This method is quite different from the rest of methods lets figure it out without wasting your time.

  • First of all call on jio customer care number on 199
  • Now ask him/her that you want to update yours alternate number (it can be jio or of any other network).
  • After completing this process you will get a confirmation message ✉️ on your alternate number.
  • Now sign in using OTP process in jio app or jio official website (links are given above).
  • After signing in you can know your all balance details related to your jiofi.

TechMojis Words 💬:

So guys, I successfully made a post on “How to 🤔 Check Jiofi Calling, Data and SMS ✉️ Balance”. I have first searched 🔎 on the web about it and finally, the result is front of yours. I don’t think you will face any problem regarding this post while understanding or implementing BUT if you are facing any problem regarding this post just feel free to comment in comment box 📮. I’ll be back to you as soon as possible with working and satisfying answer. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤️

Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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