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Last updated: 29 Jan 2020

Thinking to buy mobile phones under 30000? But confused which one to buy. Then we can help in solving your confusion because here you can easily find latest and upcoming best mobile phones under 30000.

We have make a single list which contains smartphones of companies like apple, MI, vivo, oppo, LG, huawei, honor, moto, htc, asus, xiaomi under 30000. We also look for best camera phones and waterproof mobile phones which also you can find here.


You can also find top 10 mobile phones under 30000 with 6GB and 8GB RAM as well. So what are you waiting for go and check it out now.

There is a comparison table which will help you decide which smartphone is going to suit your needs. So if you are in hurry and don’t want to read more things then this table is perfect for you.

We will also share mobile buying guide where you can learn in which specification you will have to put more effort. Let’s Begin hunting down best smartphones out there. 🔥

Image and Rating

Name and Features



This 8GB RAM Mobile is beast in this price segment just buy this phone and you will forget every other phone. 


Xiaomi fans love this smartphone because of its quality and design, you can buy this phone as it has 6GB RAM and triple camera in rear. 


this smartphone is battery packed phone if you are looking to buy a smartphone which is battery packed then buy this phone and you will easily get 1 to 2 day backup depending upon your usage. 


This phone’s design is very sweet and we love this smartphone. 


OnePlus has already taken this world so if you are looking for mobile that is under 30000 then buy this smartphone. 

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Extra features: Selfie Centric Smartphone with 8GB RAM





Extra features: Amazing Performance





Extra features: Fully Bezel Less Display




Now As you have seen best phones list now its time to know why you should buy a great smartphone in 2020 Era. As Smartphones are becoming Basic Needs for every human you should also know what to look for when you are buying smartphone. 

Top #5 Phones Under Rs 30000 in 2020

Smartphone can change the way you look at things. 

  • Camera – We should always look for the camera because often times we click pics and share on the internet to get likes and shares. So if camera is not good then its no use to buy a smartphone. 
  • Processor – Processor in the smartphone plays an important role, if the speed is not good in the smartphone then will not be able to use mobile effectively. 
  • Battery Life – Battery backup of a smartphone is like a lifeline So its better to choose a smartphone that has great battery life. 
  • Storage – When I started using mobile back in 2010 at that time a photo’s size were 10 to 15kb now, when we click 1 photo it’s size is minimum 5MB at this point. We need huge storage if you like to play games, watch movies, clicks photo then atleast we need 128GB storage. 
  • Display – AMOLED Display is one of the best display till now, and they are made by samsung so if you love vibrant colors of the display then choose AMOLED display phones as it will give amazing experience. 

Features to consider when Buying a Smartphone

There are some basic features that you should look in every smartphone, however if you are looking to buy an average smartphone then this specification will help you determine your smartphone. 

Display Size

Display size is the main factor if you like small screen phone then you should buy 4.7 inches iPhones, however if you like bigger screen then buy 6 inches phone. It all comes down to what you really want, identify your needs and act accordingly.  😄

There are many notch, punch hole, bezel less displays out there. So choose your smartphone according to your need. 

Performance & Camera

As I love clicking photos that I would love to have a great camera smartphone. Recording high end videos will help you if you have a great camera phone in your arsenal. 

Performance of a smartphone does matter if you want to play high end games in your smartphone, if performance is lagging then you will not be able to play games, watch movies. 


Hell No:

You should be looking for Quality Camera sensor, if camera has 108 MP doesn’t mean it can beat 12 MP Camera who has amazing Camera sensor. 

Depends upon your personal preference. 

If you like to see notch then it is good for you then forget about others. If it is appealing to you then it is good no matter what. But Fully Bezel less is what you are looking for then my friend take fully bezel less. 

mAh means MiliAmp hour means it stores energy the it has mAh the more it will give power. But here is the Catch if your Android or IOS is designed to drain battery then it doesn’t battery how much mAh it has, it will drain quickly. Suppose you play PUBG then it will drain quickly and background Apps will soak your battery energy as well.

So Always customise your smartphone to a better usage and use your phone strategically so that you can use it for longer time. 

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