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Last updated: 29 Jan 2020

Want to keep up with today’s generation and planning to buy a mobile phone under 20000? Then you have come to the right site. Here you can easily find latest and best mobile phones under 20000.

Best smartphones of companies like samsung, one plus xiaomi, honor, htc under 20000 are listed. As PUBG is trending now a days so you can also find suitable mobile phones under 20000.

You can also find best 6/8GB RAM phones under 20000. So what are you waiting for go and check it out now.

Below you will see a comparison table of phones. So if you are in hurry or don’t have time to read full Article then this table will help you decide fast which phone is for you. 

After that you will see Mobile buying guide so that you can know what to see in a mobile while buying Smartphone. Without Wasting any single second Let’s Begin. 🔥

Image and Rating

Name and Features



8GB RAM Selfie Centric mobile it is a beast in this price segment just buy this phone and you will forget everything. 


Amazing Bezel less display with 8GB RAM to boost Performance in your smartphone. You can use this phone as gaming as well as photography


Experience fully bezel less display under Rs 20000, this smartphone will not come with any notch and it will give you amazing experience while watching movies or playing games like PUBG or Asphalt 9. 


If you are looking for branded smartphone then this smartphone will serve your needs. It has AMOLED so display will be crisp and clear. 


It has an amazing design and body. Comes with Quad Camera and Decent battery 4000 mAh. 

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Extra features: Selfie Centric Smartphone with 8GB RAM





Extra features: comes with Quad Camera





Extra features: Fully Bezel Less Display




Now As you have seen best phones list now its time to know why you should buy a great smartphone in 2020 Era. As Smartphones are becoming Basic Needs for every human you should also know what to look for when you are buying smartphone. 

Top #5 Phones Under Rs 20000 in 2020

A Good Smartphone can change the way you live life. 

  • Camera – One of the Main reasons why people buy smartphone is for camera, so if you are also looking for better camera then don’t go for higher mega pixels just go for whose performance is best while clicking pics.
  • Processor – Process is important thing in a smartphone if a processor is not good then all apps and games will not be able to run properly and they will crash from time to time. 
  • Battery Life – These Days battery of smartphone is maximum 1 day so its good thing to measure the amount of battery because you will be out of battery when you fully charge. knowing battery metric helps you decide which smartphone has more battery.
  • Storage – If you are keen to click lot of pics then having less storage is problematic for you. So always keep an eye on the storage so that you can able to get best out of it. 
  • Display – Having amazing crisp display is must. Because it is the ultimate thing which you should focus on. This is the thing that you are going to stare for 6 hours it doesn’t matter what you do on the phone. 

Features to consider when Buying a Smartphone

You will have to count dozens of features and factors while buying a good smartphone. So focusing on the main features helps you decide which phone is suitable for you.

One more thing to note is every person has different taste in smartphone so always check your priority why you are buying a mobile, whether it is for Gaming, Photography, watching movies, Editing Tik Tok Videos, etc. 

Display Size

There are whole bunch of display size and variations are available in the market. So every one gets confused with that many varieties. There are small display sizes and then there are above 6 inches, they should be called mini tablets 😄

Well Jokes Apart:

You will see Notch Display, punch hole display, fully bezel less display. I must say you should choose a smartphone by your own personal preference not for someone else. 

Performance & Camera

People keeps clicking Awesome pics and record awesome videos and then they edit them. This type of work require ample amount of processing and Good Quality Camera. 

You should always Go with Good Quality sensor camera rather than higher mega pixel. One of the myths are spreading that if a camera has higher mega pixel then that has good camera. 


It doesn’t has good camera unless it has amazing camera sensor. So always keep an eye on the camera sensor quality and performance level while multi tasking. Because that’s the ultimate thing you should be doing on the smartphone. 


Hell No:

You should be looking for Quality Camera sensor, if camera has 108 MP doesn’t mean it can beat 12 MP Camera who has amazing Camera sensor. 

Depends upon your personal preference. 

If you like to see notch then it is good for you then forget about others. If it is appealing to you then it is good no matter what. But Fully Bezel less is what you are looking for then my friend take fully bezel less. 

mAh means MiliAmp hour means it stores energy the it has mAh the more it will give power. But here is the Catch if your Android or IOS is designed to drain battery then it doesn’t battery how much mAh it has, it will drain quickly. Suppose you play PUBG then it will drain quickly and background Apps will soak your battery energy as well.

So Always customise your smartphone to a better usage and use your phone strategically so that you can use it for longer time. 

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